Northern Beaches Mobile Marine Services.

We have a full range of marine services for northern beaches boat owners. From regular service and maintenance to emergency call outs 24/7. We'll take care of all your boat maintenance requirements and you can do what you enjoy with confidence.




Greg's Mobile Marine provides a 24/7 emergency call out service in our coverage area on the Northern Beaches of Sydney for all sorts of emergncies including flat batteries, fuel problems and any issues that leave you all at sea. We've seen situations that you can't imagine, so if you're stuck, give us a call and we'll put you back on the water with confidence.


Greg’s Mobile Marine, services and diagnoses every make and model of outboards and inboards, petrol and diesel. We use a modern diagnostic scan tool that can provide crucial information about your engine including engine hours and fault codes. We have experience with all major brands of inboard and outboard engines. Have the confidence of safe boating in Sydney with an experienced and professional local mechanic.


Greg’s Mobile Marine can install all electronics including fish finders and GPS units, as well as trailer lights and braking systems.


As well as looking after your boat's mechanics we also provide detailing. Your boat can be transformed from old and chalky, to new and shiny. We only use quality cutting compounds and polishes, finishing off with a wash and final wax.


We also provide pressure wash and antifouling for your moored boat. We also have the opportunity to provide a hull scrub by professional divers for trailered boats. Your hull can be stained without you knowing, however we can get them back too new.

Greg’s Mobile Marine can provide a service of quality and care when it comes to fixing a major hole or a minor scratch. Working with a fiberglassing specialist we can ensure and guarantee any repairs.

We provide small paint repairs too full boat re sprays to our customers. We can change your look on the water with great graphics and pin striping. If you want a custom and unique design, don’t hesitate to ask.

Greg’s Mobile Marine can repair your storm covers or clears if you have zip problems or a leaking cover. We can fix the problem and also provide minor upholstery repairs.

Marine Maintenance Tips.

Wash your boat regularly.

First and foremost when it comes to looking after your boat, wash your boat regularly, espescially if you go boating in salt water. Salt will not only corrode a myriad of parts on your boat, it will also adversely affect the gel coat on your boat. If you see any signs of deterioration, or chips and cracks, contact us for minor repairs before they turn into major repairs.

Change your boat's motor oil.

You should take care to change your boat's oil at regular intervals as per your manufacturers handbook, the general rule of thumb is every 100 hours of use or at least annually. If it's been longer than that and you do not feel comfortable changing it yourself, please contact us for assistance.

Regular Boat Maintenance

Winter boat management.

The best place for a boat not in use during winter is out of the water. If boat storage is beyond your price range, you should make the best effort to cover your pride and joy as well as possible. Greg's mobile marine can advise you on the best practise for winterising your boat to reduce any issues you may have coming into peak boating season. It is wise to change the oil and fuel according to your manufacturers handbook and check for leaks during the process, again if this process is beyond your skills, please seek professional help.
Winter is an excellent time to do a safety audit on your boats equipment including extinguishers, flares, electronics, lines etc. It is also a good idea to make sure your interior is kept relatively mildew free using a dehumidifier or a commercially available odour or moisture absorbant product.

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